What Is This?

Buffable Signatures is a project by Mochatroid to make Rappelz Forum signatures more complex and annoying than ever before!

The standard layout is 5 images and 5 links, laid out as such:
[link]Character Button[/link]
[link]Skill 1[/link] [link]Skill 2[/link] [link]Skill 3[/link] [link]Skill 4[/link]

The Character Button displays the name and level of the character and is linked to a page which will apply a buff after one of the Skill Buttons has been used.

The Skill Buttons display the skill on that user's skillbar (slots 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively). In the bottom-right of the icon is the current LEVEL of the buff, and along the right side is an EXP gauge showing how far through to the next level that skill is.

To Use It

Anybody can use anybody's buffs on any other player.
To do so, locate either your (or somebody else's) Buffable Signature and click one of the Skill Buttons.
You will be redirected back to the same page.
Click on a Character Button.

That character will gain the buff you clicked on, if:
* They do not already have that buff active
* You are using a higher level buff than the one they currently have
* You are using a buff of the same level {!}

EXP will be granted only if the buff is successful.
EXP will be granted to the owner of the buff you used.
{!} If you are using a buff of the same level, the amount of EXP will be very small!